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Welcome to Past Life Designs…where every creation has a story.

I have been making things out of things since I was a little girl. I really started to have fun with “repurposing” when I was in my teens. We didn’t call it that back then. My girlfriends and I spent our weekends shopping in thrift stores for vintage dresses and plaid blazers to wear with our Chuck Taylor’s. My Nana called it junk shopping and was appalled that I wore used clothes in public. I used to love to update an old dress from the 60’s or 70’s.

SCAN0004 2
My High School Art Show, 1988

One of the first dresses I ever updated was a bridesmaid’s dress my Mom wore in her early 20’s. I redesigned it for an art show at my high school. After that, I was hooked. 

It was that dress that catapulted me into making other things like curtains out of silk scarves and purses out of denim skirts. So here I am, some 20 years later, with some new things I made out of other things.

This is the first Past Life bag I ever made
This is the first Past Life bag I ever made

Every wallet, clutch and purse has a story. The fabrics and accessories that make it what it is today have been reincarnated. They have a new life but they come to you with history. Each creation will include it’s own tale. I can’t promise you the story is true; it’s just my interpretation of the life it might have led.

I also have a decent collection of vintage items that I plan to sell on this site. Everything from shoes to kitchenware. So stay posted and thank you for stopping by.

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